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Start taking better care of your skin with this one hour virtual skin care consultation. Have a certified Skin Therapist analyze your skin and review your products and practices. Together you'll create an improved skin care routine. You'll also have the opportunity to sample professional skin care products that are right for you. Shipping is also included!


Uplevel your skin care

Let's make sure the products you use are compatible with one another, right for your skin type and target your concerns without damaging your skin! We'll connect for an hour over Zoom and I'll take an in-depth look at your current products and practices. Not only will I help you create a more impactful skin care routine, you'll also get to experience the difference it makes when you use the right products, in the right way, for your specific skin.


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Best Decision in a LONG TIME!!

I was so excited to finally meet with Christine after getting introduced through a retreat, where she gave a talk and product demo + facial massage demo. I was not disappointed! I don't even normally leave reviews but I absolutely feel compelled to in this case because I'm so pleased with the consultation and results thus far. For context, I am an adult 30 year old female, and have been really struggling with acne for the first time in my life. In addition to going for some testing, I knew I needed to upgrade my skincare routine and Skin Discovery delivered! Not only was Christine so professional and just lovely to talk to, she knows her stuff! She looks for the best quality products, searching for as few/natural ingredients as possible. She was able to recommend products for MY skin! I have been following her recommendations diligently (morning and night!) for a week and a half now and am already seeing a difference in the texture and hydration in my skin! Fewer blemishes for sure! I went from really inconsistently cleansing my face, and also using products totally wrong for my skin (loads of fillers and chemicals) to now honestly creating a RITUAL around my skincare, I light a candle and play spa music! It's not a chore for me, it's self care! And did I mention how much I adore these products? Love, love, love! I can't wait for my two-month follow-up for next steps! Thank you Christine! You've added so much more than a skin-care routine into my days! If you don't have a proper skincare routine in your life you are missing out! Do yourself a favour and contact this lovely lady!

Knowledgeable + Kind

Christine knows her stuff and provided an easy, budget friendly skin care routine that I am absolutely loving! My skin feels incredible, and I can’t wait to continue this journey. I highly recommend Christine—very helpful + kind

routine review

Christine was very thorough and took the time to understand all of my current practises while sharing information and knowledge to better my future skin as we work towards putting together a new daily routine. She was available via phone to answer any questions that I’ve had as I am transitioning into a cleaner, healthier & more stable skin. I highly recommend this to anybody as she is absolutely fantastic.

Routine review

Christine was very knowledgeable and very interested in my concerns. She emailed me the same day with a summary of our conversation and test products arrived promptly. She is very enthusiastic and is easy to confide in. I enjoyed my one hour review. Well worth it.!

Christine is knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to learn from!

I truly enjoyed my Routine Review with Christine. It was very personalized and it felt like she really understood my skin and its issues, even though all she had to go off of was a few photos and my answers to her survey! I am a few weeks in to starting to use the products that she recommended to me and everything is going great so far! In particular, switching from my previous sunscreen to the one that Christine recommended has been a game changer! Can't wait to see what a couple more months brings.